United Asian Advocates hosts a list of events per semesters. You can find some of our major initiatives we've hosted in the past and current ongoing projects as well as upcoming projects we're planning

Addressing API Hate Series

The current series we're working on for October 2021 that brings attention to the API hate that's been occurring at the University of Cincinnati, occurring in the country, and has been happening throughout US history. 


Asian Cultural Week

Asian Cultural Week is an annual celebration of the API identity and culture that occurs in the Spring. During COVID, the week-long initiative took place mostly online with mixed media and posts going up every day of the week. Each day was themed to celebrate one part of API cultural with the themes spelling A.S.I.A.N: A (Art and Fashion), S (Share Your Story), I (Inspire), A (Appetite), and N (Night Show). The last day (night show) was a live event in Nippert Stadium that included a talent showcase and free snacks!


Asian Leadership Conference

An upcoming event from UAA that centers on providing API students with professional resources and opportunities. The 1-day conference will include powerful speakers and helpful workshops to bolster attendees resumes and experiences.


Racist Remarks

In response to a College of Engineering professor's use of the phrase "Chinese virus" in an email to a student, UAA hosted Racist Remarks. Racist Remarks was a virtual meeting focused on discussion and community healing. Both allies and community members were encouraged to share their feelings and concerns on how we can and UC can make campus a more inclusive environment for ALL students.

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