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Demand #2

We demand the University of Cincinnati university wide, accessible, bias reporting tool moderated by the office of equity and inclusion based on the College of Arts and Science model. This tool must be highlighted in the syllabus as well as during all orientations.

Why is this important?

Currently, the University of Cincinnati utilizes EthicsPoint for anonymous student reporting. Online reports can be submitted regarding Academic Affairs (Discrimination or Harassment and Sexual Harassment), Academic Misconduct, Credentials Misrepresentation, Faculty and Student Travel, International Services, Student Safety, and Terrorism. This portal is hard to access and does not state what agency reviews reports once submitted. Additionally, the University utilizes the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to report incidents. However, these incidents deal with student misconduct, and do not directly state the process for hate speech and incidents of bias or remediations for such acts. The College of Arts and Sciences has a portal specifically to file a bias incident report which is reviewed by Equity Council. However, A&S is the only college who utilizes their Equity Council to such effect. The University seems to have a great process for violators of student conduct but no such process for mitigating racial discrimination or for students to speak up about faculty.

Establishing a way for reporting acts of racism/incidents of bias

  1. Adding this to Freshman Orientation 

  2. Adding this to Syllabus of EVERY course offered by UC


Looking at universities in Ohio, the Harassment, Discrimination, Bias, and Retaliation Incident Report is found under Ohio University’s main page at the bottom under website accreditation, in the “Title IX Coordinator” tab. Within this form, there is further information provided on Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity, as well as Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking policies within the university, which are not included within the bias reporting form under UC. Furthermore, under this report, there is a section to include the protected status/statuses that are the basis of the alleged behavior, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, and etcetera. The University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance (ECRC) will review the information from these reports and will be the agency in charge of making necessary referrals. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion information can be found in two different spots in the Miami of University- Ohio’s main page, at the top left “About” tab and at the bottom, as well as at the bottom near contact information. After being directed to the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion page, the  incident reports  on the page becomes split into different subsections, including Bias Incidents, EthicsPoint, Harassment and Discrimination, Hate Crime, Sexual Assault, and Student Concern Management. Miami University has contracted with EthicsPoint as well, so that employees specifically can report any situation, event, or action by individuals or groups who are believed to have violated a law, regulation, or University policy. In terms of harassment and discrimination, the “Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO) works to investigate and resolve issues through formal and informal resolution procedures.” Victims of hate crimes are encouraged to directly report to appropriate campus security authorities.   

An additional public university in Ohio with over 16,000 undergraduate students, University of Toledo, displays its button for reporting incidents right on its main page at the bottom. Under website accreditation information and university address, there is a button to “report a concern”. Upon clicking on this link, it directs to other emergency numbers to call, as well as four different reports: Sexual Misconduct Title IX; Discrimination/Harassment; General; Concern for a Student (Rocket Care Report). For discrimination and harassment, the complaints are submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office. General reports will get sent to the University Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, and Rocket Care reports will get sent to the Office of Student Advocacy and Support.    

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