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Demand #1

A no-tolerance video or written statement delivered by President Pinto through email address that addresses the xenophobic and racist incidents that have been incited against Asian-identifying students on campus and beyond and emphasizes that no acts of racism, prejudice, or bias against marginalized identities will be tolerated at the University of Cincinnati.

Why is this important?

The University of Cincinnati is quick to celebrate the University through “Next Lives Here” and releases statements of positivity and hope through President Pinto’s “From the President’s Desk”. However, the University is not as quick when it comes to dealing with feedback and criticism. The University should be candid about change that needs to occur. Even after a professor used racist language to describe Coronavirus in an email that got re-shared via Twitter, the President did not release an official statement via mass emailing to condemn hate. This paints an image of President Pinto as someone who will not call out acts of hate among his faculty. There is no fear of consequence for faculty and students when there is a President who does not vehemently condemn hate. We are asking for something so simple, words from someone in a powerful position, that could cause a wave of impact on the student body. The University is not safe when acts of hate can go unnoticed and do not disrupt routines. Racism should be no-tolerance rather than something we get desensitized to. 

Additionally, we recognize that there is a general statement  against AAPI hate crimes that President Pinto released through UC News. However, this is not enough:

1) It does not refer to the anti-Asian incident(s) that have occurred on this campus, whether it is UAA zoombombing or John Ucker using the words “Chinese Virus”

 2) It was out via twitter and UC News, which we recognize are stellar platforms but not robust enough for a message that requires deeper sincerity.

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