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Addressing API Hate Series

On August 17th, 2021, a UC student named Tyler Adams was physically assaulted in front of USquare dorms on Calhoun St. after being berated with racist and xenophobic remarks. United Asian Advocates will be hosting a list of initiatives and events to shed light on the ongoing battle against xenophobia in America, in Cincinnati, and especially at the University of Cincinnati to stand in solidarity with Tyler and provide the community healing and support. The UAA broke into committees to cover the various facets of the Addressing API Hate Series. Learn more about them below.




Responsible for informing the student body of our series, why its important, and the context of behind it. Events by the Awareness team include weekly tabling's and an API trivia night. 


Community Healing

Creating safe spaces that allow discussion, transformation, and help heal our community. This committee works on supporting the individuals with events like tabling and Trauma-Informed Yoga.



Political Education

Programming and well-researched information surrounding current API hate issues. The Political Education team is here to team you a thing or two in a consumable format.


Artistic-based Healing

Artistic-based healing focused on facilitating conversation and healing through artistic mediums. 

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