United Asian Advocates is a group embracing all people of the Asian and Pacific Islander community. We strive to create intentional spaces for sexual and gender minorities, adoptees, and other marginalized API identities to explore their intersectionality through community building, advocacy, storytelling, and educational programming. We stand in solidarity with other marginalized groups on campus and serve as a liaison between students and administration.


We intend to create a coalition with one another and uplift our defining goals at the individual, communal, and societal levels, understanding the differences and commonalities that exist in our identities that might band us together as a group. We want to be forever committed to nurturing this community and working together to communicate and collaborate towards common plans, passions, and purposes.



We hope to create a space where we are constantly learning from each other, on what intersectional identities craft all of our experiences, while challenging our pre-existing perspectives and learning from our own personal identities in order to make change. We also want to have greater understanding on what issues are meaningful to members of our community and our peers, along with what drives the passion in each of our members to continue to do this work.



We want our stories to be heard, and we want to be the ones sharing them. We strive to create intentional representation of all Asian voices in social justice, so that everyone feels a sense of belonging and purpose in the safe space that we work to create. We endeavor to initiate more opportunities to engage with each other and have dialogues that bring together multiple perspectives and understandings of different topics and issues that impact our members or our group as a whole.

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We want to further empower members of our community and our peers to take charge of their own stories and gain a wider understanding of the factors that frame their experiences and lives. We will support each other by amplifying our distinctive identities and values, to share knowledge and resources that overall makes for a lasting, intentional, and sustainable alliance.